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My name is Linh & fictional characters make me very emotional //


when u come home from school and take ur makeup off



whenever i see these post-apocalyptic films set in the USA where everyone is pretty much just killing each other with no mention of other nations i always just assume that the rest of the world is fine and has learnt how to resume life as normal



*makes heterophobic text post*

It’s a metaphor, see? You make a mean text post, but you don’t back it with thousands of years of violently-upheld institutional power, so it doesn’t have the power to actually hurt anyone. 

best one yet


"im not homophobic and i support gay marriage but they really shouldnt do anything in public because it grosses me out" go sit in a dumpster. sink into the trash like its quick sand. do it. go drown in garbage. 


new traffic light color ideas

  • purple: turn around and go back
  • mega green: like green except greener. it means that you have to double go.
  • cyan: apply your turbo boosters and do a cool drift or get arrested by the car law
  • black: sucks you into a cyber vortex where you have to do a bonus stage road and collect rings
'He says he’s lonely, horribly lonely because of this love he feels for her. She says she’s lonely too. She doesn’t say why.'
— Marguerite Duras, The Lover (via virginwhoreofbabylon)


i dont play assassins creed, but is this like the entire plotline or something??

This is literally all you do in the game